AVIONICA Military custom made series

Customizations can range from the simple to the sublime.   A "production model" AVIONICA Military watch could be customized with a unique dial  and personalized engraved backcase.  Such modifications represent the more exclusive way to obtain a timepiece with  very special care for the details and the quality of the design. The  emblems, details of every unit to create a unique  limited-production watch. However, for the client who desires a truly exclusive piece, AVIONICA can accommodate by creating the design of the timepiece  and manufacturing process completely.


Whether you choose from one of AVIONICA Military already exclusive lines or decide to explore your options for a custom-built watch, the AVIONICA Military team is at your disposal to help you acquire and create the watch of your dreams.


Custom options below can be applied to existing AVIONICA Military models, or to a full custom watch.  Let us know what your imagining!









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